The Turn Yourself On Podcast with Marina J

Episode 18: Rejection IS Protection.

January 19, 2021 Season 1 Episode 18
The Turn Yourself On Podcast with Marina J
Episode 18: Rejection IS Protection.
Show Notes

Rejection is protection from a timeline you are not meant to be on. And as a starseed or lightworker who carries the truth frequency?  You’re only ever rejected by people who don’t want to do the work. As an activator for the new earth, you carry a very real frequency that is confronting to those who don’t want to self-reflect. Your truth frequency illuminates their truth they are not willing to see. If you feel rejected, ignored and shunned by them? Actually it is their own growth they reject. And as an activator of that growth they will naturally shun you. 

  • When you understand why you as a starseed have been rejected up until now? You'll no longer take it personally.  Both in your business and personal life.
  • Starseeds are in transition to serve on a grand scale. If you're not in creation? Accepting past rejection is key to freeing you up to birth this new earth. 
  • Understand why operating on service-to-self social media platforms has been hard for you. (Hint, it's because they operate at the service-to-self frequency and you do not.)
  • No longer beat yourself up that some in your industry have 'made it' already whilst it's been much slower/elusive for you. 
  • Understand you didn't get rejected because you were unlikeable. You got rejected because of the dark shadows your light illuminates in the other.
  • Understand why 99% of the population hasn't seen or understood you up until now and why, as their cognitive dissonance fades away, will recognise you for the incredibly beautiful being that you are... beginning this year. xxx

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